Wildlife Link is a forum for conservations organisations across the County to connect, network, support each other and collaborate to achieve conservation objectives for the county

Wildlife link will promoting rapid and effective cascading of information arising from the Herefordshire Local Nature Partnership in delivery of its Objective 5: Conserving and Enhancing Landscapes, Habitats and Green Infrastructure


  1. To ensure close alignment in conservation objectives for the county (for example by refreshing the Biodiversity Action Plan)
  2. To identify and highlight emerging conservation issues in the county by sharing knowledge, expertise and intelligence
  3. To raise the profile of conservation issues in the county by promoting key messages to external partners, shared audiences and the public.
  4. To proactively address key issues by creating and supporting task and finish groups of the Wildlife Link
  5. To improve opportunities to access funds for conservation projects by promoting conservation objectives to funding partnerships
  6. To collaborate in developing and seeking funding for multi-partnership projects to achieve conservation objectives in the county
  7. To ensure relevant external strategies and policies take due account of conservation issues eg by co-ordinating responses to strategic consultations

Invite to the first meeting of Herefordshire Wildife Link explaining the purpose of the proposed Link

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All those acronyms and abbreviations unwrapped!

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